Woman Says She’s Been Devastated Because Her 12th Prospective Husband Broke up with Her

“She can’t stop getting married and looking for the right person.”

Monette Dias, a 52-year-old woman from The US, said that she wants to have a fairytale love life, and in search of that, she can’t stop getting married and looking for the right person.

According to The Sun , Dias is an interior designer who has married nine men so far; however, she claimed that she hasn’t found her perfect match yet.

“It’s really painful for me to have another failure, especially in this relationship where I tried so hard.”

The single mom told her sister about her recent argument with her fiancé John, and said,

“Sometimes I think he gets as mean as he can to me because he wants me gone.”

In the video, Dias could be seen arguing with her fiancé John, “I have done everything that I can think of, to do for you, to try to make you happy, and it’s never been enough.” she said while crying.

Then her fiancé replied, “That’s what you think, and I think it’s obviously not working. We are not getting anywhere.’

Her sister, Marcie, told TLC UK that Dias was hurt when she opened up about her recent encounter with John, which really hurt her.

“She was in tears, and that makes me hurt. It makes me so sad to see her so upset.”

Marcie also admitted that she was pretty much okay with her sister’s decision to get married twice or thrice. However, when Dias never stopped her quest of finding the right man, she got really upset.

So, after Dias told her about her 12th break-up, Marcie advised her to talk to him and try to solve their issues. But Dias said she had already tried everything, but John didn’t seem to get along with her anymore.

Yet she took her advice and decided to talk to John for one last time. But when she encountered him, things didn’t go as planned.

“Until you come to terms with what you do and your role in your failed relationships, you’ll never have a good one,” John told Monette.

The couple kept on fighting about how they wanted their relationship to move forward but didn’t agree on anything. So, Dias left and went to see her grandkids.

Marcie also told the outlet that Monette and John are currently taking a break from their relationship, but she hopes they figure things out and patch up soon.

“I really want my sister to be happy. I love her so much. I just wish she finds what she has been looking for throughout these years.”

Speaking with TLC, Monette’s fiancé, John, said that he thinks his relationship with Dias has been ruined forever because of their differences. He also said that he is not blaming Dias alone for wrecking their relationship; he is equally responsible.

“I know I am a jerk, and I don’t bend. I don’t change for anybody. But I am who I am.” He said.

“I love her and will miss her, but we won’t miss our fights. How we even got together amazes me sometimes.” John added.

When Monette was asked if she was done with John, she replied,

“I’m done. I am definitely done. I will never let myself sit through what just happened between me and him again. Although it’s very sad what happened, I think leaving is the right thing I can do right now. So, I am going to stay over with my grandkids for a while.”

“It’s really painful to have another failure, especially in this relationship where I tried so hard and gave so much, but they say that the one that loves the most and gives the most is the one that hurts the most.”

Monette concluded her interview with TLC by saying that she is still hopeful about finding the right man for herself and will never give up.